ATTENTION! Ranveer Singh, Fawad Khan, Varun Dhawan – who should play Virat...

ATTENTION! Ranveer Singh, Fawad Khan, Varun Dhawan – who should play Virat Kohli in the cricketer’s biopic?


With Virat Kohli singlehandedly taking India to success in the match against Australia in the T20 World Cup show, a biopic with this ardent cricketer’s life should not be way behind.

And here’s our pick of performers who will play with the dynamic and explosive cricketer.

Yes, we understand, the history of cricketers-turned-celebrities hasn’t bad, but Virat could simply turn it about. He’s already shown he’s not bad before the camera using the many advertisements he’s done. He’s got an enormous fan following among boys and girls across age groups. Who better than his own illustrious career to be captured by him on-screen? With a cameo being done by Anushka it needs to be a crowd-puller.

Ranveer Singh

He’s flamboyant, diverse in a gifted performer as well as his movie picks. Essaying a modern cricketer needs to be a cakewalk for him if he is able to play a Maratha warrior with confidence. Obviously, accommodate Virat’s fashion and he’ll need to learn the sport, as the two were good friends once, but that should not be hard for him. Additionally, a particular Ms Sharma, meaning they have similar likes has been dated by both.

Varun Dhawan

He has nearly the exact same body as the cricketer and is young, brash, confident. Authentic he’s somewhat muscle to play with Virat but we’re confident Varun gets the capacity to create a thin and fit physique such as the player. It shouldn’t easy for Varun to get dash and his pal’s cricketing abilities to play with the part.

Sooraj Pancholi

Additionally, he’s fond of tats like Virat. Raring to go and youthful, Sooraj, that has made his foray into movies, is going to have the ability to describe the brooding cricketer’s rage, glory and angst competently.

Fawad Khan

Up to now we’ve seen this hot Pakistani performer playing a soft spoken businessman (Khoobsurat), a suave writer as well as a cabinet homosexual to perfection (Kapoor & Sons). He has a moustache and beard he must do is the cricketer’s mannerisms, train in cricket and he’ll be all set.

Who should play with Virat Kohli if his biopic is created?

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