Aunt of drowned Syrian “I shouldn’t have paid for sea crossing”

Aunt of drowned Syrian “I shouldn’t have paid for sea crossing”



Within the last 12 months the amounts of refugees trying to enter European nations has grown substantially, fuelled by battles in the Middle East as well as North Africa. This calls to accept more refugees in the line with other EU states and has resulted in several pressure points at stations and ports including Kos, Calais and Budapest.


The aunt of the little boy who had been washed on a beach in Turkey says after paying for the lethal sea, she’s tormented with guilt.

3 Aylan Kurdi, his elder brother and mom drowned as they tried to get to the Greek island of Kos. Their dad Abdullah lived.

Their application was rejected, although she’d expected they could come to Canada.

If I hadn’t sent you the cash you wouldn’t have left’.”

She also said she didn’t need to “simply attribute the Canadian authorities. I am attributing the entire world because of this.”

The government in Canada came under fire after it appeared the family had wished to emigrate to Canada.

Ms Kurdi said she’d expected to bring his family and Abdullah but had attempted to sponsor another brother, now an application that has been rejected, in Germany.

“It is simply intolerable that we are doing nothing.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau said 25,000 Syrian refugees. must be promptly accepted by Canada

Conservative Immigration Minister Chris Alexander left his own reelection campaign and returned to Ottawa.

Before this year Alexander was given a letter from Tima Kurdi requesting him to help her family by an opposition legislator. Alexander told CBC television that as minister he cannot become involved in individual cases although he’d seen the letter.

Harper said he along with his own wife had seen the pictures of the boy that was drowned and thought at that age in their particular son.

“If we consider the countless people that have been in risk, the tens of thousands who are perishing, we’re able to drive ourselves mad with despair. Clearly we do that which we may do to help,” Harper told reporters.

“Refugee policy alone isn’t remotely a remedy,” he explained, pointing to Canada’s involvement in the military campaign against militant group Islamic State.

Refugee advocates have criticized Harper’s overhaul of the nation’s immigration process.

Alexander says 10,000 more persecuted minorities from the will be accepted by Canada area.

Drowned boy Aylan Al-Kurdi’s heartbroken dad says ‘I hope my dead sons change the world’