AWESOME Kapoor & Sons trailer just out! HOT Fawad Khan and sizzling...

AWESOME Kapoor & Sons trailer just out! HOT Fawad Khan and sizzling chemistry between Sidharth – Alia will blow your mind!


Alia Bhatt Sidharth Malhotra and Fawad Khan’s Kapoor & Sons preview is out! A trendy star cast had been sworn by Karan Johar and yes it’s. The movie also features the gifted group of Ratna Pathak Shah, Rishi Kapoor and Rajat Kapoor. This Dharma enterprise is a romantic comedy using a twist.

The movie revolves Arjun and Rahul, who cannot see eye-to-eye. What follows is a chain of events that bring to the front mistakes and will disclose your family secrets. No family is ideal, but will Sons & Kapoor live happily ever after?

What is hot: Fawad Khan! The guy possesses it and just shoots every frame. Be just existence, dialogue delivery or then it his appearances, he’s superb! Sidharth’s chemistry and Alia is only going to make the couple’s supporters a lot more enthusiastic. Karan guaranteed a cast that was good looking and he’s got a managed to achieve this.

What is not: There is an enormous giveaway when it comes to plot and the narrative line in the preview itself. And the undeniable fact that we are going to need to hold back until March to catch this movie in the theaters is simply unfair!