AWESOME! Khan’s of BOLLYWOOD come together for an awards function?

AWESOME! Khan’s of BOLLYWOOD come together for an awards function?


The three Khans of Bollywood, Salman Shah Rukh and Aamir have consistently reigned on the business like leaders. The truth is, they’ve made sure that irrespective of all the budding performers making a mark on the market, their fan base will not falter for a bit. And while Aamir directed clear post his ‘leaving the state’ comment, he’s back!

The performer has additionally lost lots of weight to ensure he gets a healthy wrestler body Dangal, for his forthcoming movie. As Shah Rukh Khan with Buff and Salman Khan with Sultan have set in all they have got for his or her individual films, but he is not alone.

They’ve but only kind words for his or her contemporaries! So much that it only makes us swoon. So that it wouldn’t be dangerous to say that we want to see these guys work collectively in one framework or even spot them socializing face to face. But wait, did they really hear us outside?

Most of the performers are making their way to attend TOIFA in case you recall. Before yesterday, Shah Rukh making his manner for the function was seen by us. And we have got snapshots of Salman and Aamir also in the International airport!

While Salman and Shah Rukh are practising their performances and have reached the TOIFA site, Aamir is nowhere to be seen. Tell us if you also need Aamir-Shah Rukh-Salman to come together in the remarks section below!