AWESOME! Ranveer Singh’s goofy expression on a latest magazine cover should be...

AWESOME! Ranveer Singh’s goofy expression on a latest magazine cover should be your next sly-wink face!


Everytime I come across Mr. Singh’s images, even if he’s simply flashing a grin, I feel weak in the knees. From straightforward to far-out, Ranveer Singh consistently hits the nail on the place that is best.

Be it his peculiar manner of dressing to his roof hitting on psychological behavior, our hearts are simply taken by Singh away!

Where he picked to do things like discuss his casting couch encounter to baring the complete AIB knock blame, I am able to go on and on and think of examples.

This Bajirao Mastani performer has consistently made sure that regardless of what he really does, crowd and his supporters is constantly amused by him.

Of course the esteemed Indian of the Year awards presented Entertainer of the Year award to him! He really f**king deserves it!

So clearly, getting more acclaim simply means getting a lot more attention from us magazine publications, and yeah at the same time! One is L’Officiel where he sported second and the sceptum ring is culture and hardcore political -centric magazine that selected Ranveer for Feb as their face!

Wow, Singh is quickly emerging as the favourite cover lad of magazines! Perhaps it is because he is able to never take a rest from his quirkiness.

Even on the cover of Caravan, donning his fedora that is standard, Ranveer hits on a blunt expression which will get you grin immediately! Deepika Padukone is rather the lucky girl to have Ranveer by her side!

We wonder what Ranveer has in store for us!