Awesome! Sunny Leone Talks About The ‘Mile-High Club’

Awesome! Sunny Leone Talks About The ‘Mile-High Club’


The spectacular Sunny Leone has turned writer for the Juggernaut publications that were ground-breaking that have released a program that may have brand new novels one being Sunny, by quite intriguing writers. Before the launch of her narratives, the performer gave an interview where she talked about composing fascinating sexual meetings and developing her characters. Here are a couple of excerpts in the interview –

On her decision to write –
Well, Juggernaut came to me and they proposed the idea. I love reading stories. I read more scripts now than I do books but I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of being able to create something you’ve seen in your mind so I thought, ‘OK, this is something different, it’ll be challenging. I’ve never done it before and let’s see what happens’. Turned out it was a little bit more difficult than I thought!

On not going on the lines of Fifty Shades Of Grey –
People are not always comfortable talking about these things. Or they don’t want somebody to know they’re reading it. I’m sure there are a lot of women out there with their 50 Shades of Grey book, who have covered the front with some sort of paper or have it only on their Kindle. I think this will give us a good idea of whether you need to bring it up a notch or tone it down even more. It is pretty tame in that sense. It’s a test to see what’s going to happen. I’d rather be tame and work upwards than throw so much up that it’s too much to handle. We don’t know what our audience is going to be like.

On fantasies and the mile-high club –
There are not many people who are part of the mile-high club. I’m not part of it! Even if you’re sitting on the plane and you’re thinking ‘OK I’m with my guy and let’s see if we can do this…’ you get scared! You have to have a lot of guts to be able to do it. So when you’re writing about it, you have to think, ‘OK, what would I want it to be like?’ That was part of that process. I really liked making sure the characters seemed normal. The inspiration comes from everywhere. We had to keep in mind that the stories related to the Indian market. In one, a successful woman headed home on that last flight of the night ends up meeting a guy. Then, the one at the call centre… People are attracted to power, to people in higher positions. They might not be drop-dead gorgeous but that sense of authority is something that gets people going; they think it’s hot and they want to be with somebody like that. Whether they can handle it later or not, that’s a different story. In that particular story, they didn’t take it further afterwards.