AWFUL! Aleppo bombing ‘kills 14 members of one family’

AWFUL! Aleppo bombing ‘kills 14 members of one family’


Fourteen members of one family have died in a air strike on rebel- held east Aleppo, volunteer rescuers say.

Eight kids and two women were among the dead, said the civil defence force referred to as the White Helmets.

An Aleppo resident told the BBC the city had endured significant bombing in the past 24 hours, with “bunker-buster” munitions shaking the earth.

The EU foreign affairs leader has said sanctions against Syria might be enlarged.

But Federica Mogherini said increased sanctions against the Russian backers of Syrian President Bashar Assad were not on the schedule.

She was speaking as EU foreign ministers met in Luxembourg.

The family died in the al Marja place of the town on Monday, after what the Syrian Civil Defence force said was a strike by a Russian jet.

The White Helmets said another 25 people were killed in a strike on a residential building in the al-Qaterji district.

In a BBC interview, a teacher in Aleppo described the latest wave of air strikes: “They are using a new type of weapons. The exact same bunker-busters but they are not weaker. The earth would shake for longer time. We had to wake up about five or six times. This is the first time it happened similar to this.”

A ceasefire in Syria last month brokered, failed after just a couple days.

Since then Syrian forces have been bombing the city of Aleppo – the most high-profile battleground in the civil war of the country’s – in what a war crime has been called by Washington.

Aid agencies say a 72-hour ceasefire is desperately needed to allow supplies in and civilians from ravaged areas in the rebel- authorities and held -besieged east of the city, where 275,000 people dwell.