AWKWARD MOMENT! When Salman Khan panicked during an awards event

AWKWARD MOMENT! When Salman Khan panicked during an awards event


There was plenty of hoopla surrounding Salman Khan’s performance in a prestigious awards gala, as well as a grand entrance were designed — the star was assumed arrive in a flying chariot, gliding in the far end of the auditorium to the stage over the crowd’s heads. But, sources indicate it did not go as strategy.

The chariot out of the blue sagged and seemingly cannot take his weight and swerved, leaving the guests much from excited.

It began descending fast, although his entry vehicle was designed to fly much over the seated guests. As it was swinging precariously, only four feet over the crowd’s minds, he panicked and they appeared frightened.

He did reach the point although not in a heroic way as intended,” says an eyewitness.

Post performance, shouted at his choreographer, Mudassar Khan backstage and Salman Khan appeared to be in a nasty mood. For 30 minutes, he appeared unsettled, banging tables and seats, kicking around and muttering curses under his breath,” includes the source. Mudassar, however, denies the buzz and says, “The performance was supposed to be that way.

He flew from over the crowd’s minds and landed on stage correctly; he wasn’t upset with me.” Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt, who have been also close by, saw an upset Salman and left the area. “Alia had greeted the star before and on spotting him post his performance, she wished to speak to him.

However, when she realised he was in a poor mood, she gently left. Varun was also there and determined to not meet him,” the source discloses.