AWKWARD SITUATION Man jumps White House Fence

AWKWARD SITUATION Man jumps White House Fence


A man draped in an American flag jumped over the fence of the White House while President Barack Obama was inside with his family celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday, officials and US media said.

He was immediately stopped by Secret Service agents after breaking a barricade and leaping within the fence on the North Lawn that has been recently refitted with seven-inch (18-centimeter) spikes to allow it to be more difficult to vault around.

In a statement, the Secret Service identified the man as Joseph Caputo: “Caputo was promptly apprehended and taken into detention. Criminal charges are pending as of this time.”

Obama stressed that there was no particular danger to the United States, although america, and major US cities particularly, are on heightened alert after the Paris terror strikes.

Caputo wore white trousers and a blue top was taking an envelope, and was cloaked in a American flag, the CNN journalists said.

The Secret Service came under fierce examination and its own head stepped down following the north fence scaled over and made it to the presidential mansion equipped using a knife in September 2014.

He went through several rooms and entered the front door of the White House.