Aww!! Akshay Kumar did something very special for his wife Twinkle Khanna,that...

Aww!! Akshay Kumar did something very special for his wife Twinkle Khanna,that will make you jealous of her – View pic!


This Khiladi who’s a doting father makes sure he takes a significant amount of time out from his hectic schedule for his family and especially his two kids. But this does not mean that Akshay compromises towards his wife Twinkle aka Tina Khanna on his duties or attention. He shows this from time to time and adores her.

This year with his wife which indicated that he considers his wifey to be his closest friend and life partner at the same time ’s day, Akshay posted a very adorable picture of him on friendship. The way in which Mr Kumar has stood beside her and vice versa projects them as an ideal example of made for each other.

So what has Akshay Kumar done much that is making us go so gaga over him? The celebrity has got his wife’s name inked on his left shoulder. Still, it’s a very particular thing instead of all performers dare to do so. Before Aki had got his children Aarav and Nitara’s name inked on nape and back of the neck separately. Now the most recent add-on is of his wife’s name. Aarav’s name is always visible whenever the celebrity goes shirtless but Nitara’s and Twinkle’s name stays hidden which is the reason why we never observed it before since we presume this was done long back during the time of Rustom’s release (the celebrity’s look in the picture below is same which he taken for movie’s promotions)


Akshay is actually a family man and he keeps showing his immense love through such gestures that are sweet. Taking the family out for movies, annual vacations, posting their graphics that are wonderful he does them all and get us envy every single time. Yesterday this Rustom star who celebrated his 49th birthday, took off to island of Seychelles with his entire family. Later in the day he posted his image together and this merely proved what a gala time he is having currently. Well Aki, you’re undoubtedly one blessed guy in the market.