Aww SWEET! Selena Gomez Fears She’ll Be Single Forever After Justin Bieber...

Aww SWEET! Selena Gomez Fears She’ll Be Single Forever After Justin Bieber Relationship


Poor Selena Gomez! She’s been unlucky in love and today she is fearing she’ll never find a durable relationship with Justin Bieber ended in calamity after her long romance. has ONLY learned why she’s afraid she will be single forever!

Uh oh! Selena Gomez, 23, has just about given up on trying to find love, as she’s gunshy about letting a brand new guy into her life. All those years being on and off 22, with Justin Bieber, actually did a number on her and she is not prepared to own her heart broken again.

Why Selena thinks true love is that it’s something that is not really in the cards for her.”Selena has found some writing on the wall that her having a relationship in the foreseeable future is definitely going to be very, very difficult. She has joked so much to friends that she’s going to be single forever that some friends are actually believing it,” a source tells.”She’s very apprehensive in attempting something new or being set up because she considers it is doomed to fail in the start to get a plethora of reasons. She covers those emotions up though by constantly working, she desires to be continuously busy whether it is doing pictures or with her tour. It gives her an excuse not to stress on meeting a man,” our insider includes.

By clicking here, get the deluxe edition of Selena’s record Revival. After her years- on -again/off-again love affair with Justin seemed to finally be over for good, it looked like she might find happiness with the Niall Horan, 22 of One Direction, only for that to be shortlived.

Selly has everything in the entire world going for her – looks, talent, money, success – but the sole area she appears to keep coming up short is in the guy department. We’re hoping Sel’s dating anxieties could be erased by BFF Taylor Swift’s relationship with Calvin Harris, 32.

The 26-year-old positive kissed a lot of frogs before ultimately locating her prince charming, who she just celebrated her one year anniversary with. Add to that, Taylor was still in a position to make romance and work happen in once and was on a world tour for much of the time! She’s evidence you are able to have it both ways, so it’ll give a more favorable outlook on love to Selena.