Awww!! Bollywood Kat is really worried about Chennai floods!

Awww!! Bollywood Kat is really worried about Chennai floods!


Chennai has seen this kind of deluge of rains since a century. You’ll find lots of submerged divisions in the town. Rains lashed at it that folks there are grappling for life. In assisting them, everybody is doing their bit.

South celebrities like Rajnikanth, Dhanush, Sidharth have come forward to save individuals of the town.

Many people are worried in regards to the folks stranded there. But apart in the security and well being of the individuals impacted by the floods, Katrina Kaif also offers other issues. She’s worried about her mom who remains quite close to among the regions that are affected.

Katrina talked to the media in a style nighttime in regards to the Chennai floodings saying, “My mother lives quite close in the place…really today I was really worried about it because someone had called me from there. Sadly, natural disasters aren’t something that people can actually do much about.

We in our very own manner all should help floods affect those as well as try to find methods not to let this kind of catastrophe occur again. We’re confident her words would inspire other people do their bit and to assist individuals.