Awww LOVE FOR LIFE! Dying Joey Feek Professes Love For Husband Rory...

Awww LOVE FOR LIFE! Dying Joey Feek Professes Love For Husband Rory & Reveals When She Fell For Him


Joey Feek continues to be painstakingly chronicling her journey and her latest revelation is all about her tremendous love for husband Rory Feek. Joey talked passionately about bandmate and her beloved partner, as well as the very first time she laid eyes on him. 40, Joey Feek, talked to PEOPLE magazine about the impact, 49, as well as her precious husband Rory Feek that his love has had on her life.

Rory has been on by her side, and after 13 years of union, that love that is amazing continues to be burning. Joey Rory are releasing one last record on February 12, and Joey says it is her most ardent undertaking yet — because it is about Rory!Joey Rory’s final record, Hymns & Stories Which Can Be Essential to Us, is what Joey’s calling her most significant job.

The record is an homage to their own love story, before and following her cancer diagnosis. One thing that is important is chronicles is the intimate story of the way the couple met. Joey described the dreamy day to INDIVIDUALS. “I was only one of dozens of people of the crowd that night. From the initial tune Rory sang, I fell head over heels. I did not even understand him, but something inside me said, ‘You Are going to marry that guy and spend the remainder of your lives collectively.'”They married just two months after, and the rest is history. So intimate. And in February 2014, Indiana, lovely baby girl was welcomed by them.

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