Awww! Sidharth Malhotra couldn’t keep his eyes off of Alia Bhatt at...

Awww! Sidharth Malhotra couldn’t keep his eyes off of Alia Bhatt at the trailer launch of Kapoor and Sons


Bollywood couples haven’t been spared by looks just like the Valentine’s Day fervour ! Alia Bhatt, Sidharth Malhotra and rumoured couple might try their best to conceal what is cooking between them but they certainly can not keep their eyes and hands.

While Alia Bhatt resorted to making funny faces, that typical turned lips up that she always dons, Sidharth appeared to be amused by it!

Given that the pair are together, every small gesture made by one among these would make the other one swoon.

And looks like the Sid and Alia also had their moment. We loved it! I also extremely adored the reality that their outfit colour was coordinated by the cast. This seam dress that was extremely beautiful was worn by Alia.


I used to be completely gaga over her ensemble! Even the white Asos booties seemed super cute! Overall, Alia completely brought back her teen diva look and yes, I am quite certain lots of adolescents will try and get this look.

Totally diggin’ the look, bro! How can you be so hot?! If that is how these three are gonna dress up for the upcoming promotions for Sons and Kapoor then I’m certain we’ll be hearing plenty of swoons from the other side of the united states!