Bayern’s Costa is warned by Robben over his ‘circus tricks’

Bayern’s Costa is warned by Robben over his ‘circus tricks’


Arjen Robben has warned his Bayern Munich teammate Douglas Costa to tone down his ‘circus tricks’ after the audacious heel flick inside their Bundesliga win over Bayer Leverkusen of the Brazilian.

The newest captain of the Netherlands, Robben, said his abilities should be restrained by the Brazil winger in future matches.

“I’d be careful. It looks good, the spectators clap, everything is wonderful and he does it very, very well,” Robben told Sky after scoring Bayern’s third with a penalty after Thomas Mueller scored twice.

“But one shouldn’t forget the score was 3-0 at the time and you need to respect the opposition. That was a bit dubious, I think. It belongs in the circus.”

But Bayern coach Pep Guardiola said Costa, who’s in the Brazil squad for their September internationals, should continue expressing his significant ability on the pitch.

“I’m not a Brazilian, I’m a Catalan, so I can’t do things like that,” said Guardiola.

“He’s a super player, I don’t really like things like that, but (Barcelona‘s Brazil international) Neymaris just the same and Douglas is also a Brazilian.

“He’s an outstanding player, very level-headed and always shows the opponent respect.

“He’s a winger, so it’s okay, it’s just part of his game.”

Costa has made an instant impact since his summer signing with Franck Ribery outside injured as a shoo in on Bayern’s left wing from Shakhtar Donetsk, and contains claimed four assists and a goal with crosses that were fatal.

Germany star Thomas Mueller says the strike of Bayern has been fostered by the speed of the Brazilian and has scored five goals in three matches.

“He is an enormous help to us forwards, because he is very fast down the wing and then puts in good crosses,” said Mueller.

“But it means you have to work hard, as a striker, to keep up with the pace.”