Be sure to keep an eye to the sky this week Leonid...

Be sure to keep an eye to the sky this week Leonid meteor shower is coming


Make sure you maintain an eye on the sky in the upcoming days The Leonid meteor shower is on its way, a yearly mid-November treat, will soar over the night time Wednesday and Tuesday.

The Leonids seem to be from the constellation Leo the Lion (thus their name) in the east, however they need to be visible all the way on the other side of the heaven.

Estimates range from seeing up several meteors to tons per hour Astronomy magazine reports, in the summit. Leonids are quite fast, hitting against Earth’s atmosphere in a whopping 158,000 miles per hour, the fastest of any meteor shower.

Much like the majority of meteor showers, the most effective time to observe the Leonids is generally between the hours of midnight and morning, based on Good quality news from NASA: The waning crescent moon should leave skies dark enough for a decent show.