Beautiful Jacqueline Fernandez eager to do a negative role

Beautiful Jacqueline Fernandez eager to do a negative role


We always observe Jacqueline Fernandez in characters that were chirpy and jolly. The actress wants to experiment with her character in her movies and does not want to do them the same characters anymore.

In a recent interview Jackie said “With all kinds of movies being made today, I want to do something meatier. I loved Neerja and found it very inspiring. Or even a Bajirao Mastani where it would be challenging to express the trauma that Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone’s characters have to go through. I would love to act in period films. In fact, it would be a dream come true to do a grey role in a period film (laughs).”

Why she hasn’t looked at more powerful, more performance-oriented roles before?  “I didn’t have the experience or confidence to take up such roles earlier. It has been an amazing journey so far as I have been able to be part of and work in blockbusters and act with the biggest of heroes. It’s been a fantastic learning experience and I needed this to be confident to move on to the next level. A flying jatt was my 10th film, but there was never this confidence before. If someone had asked me to do a Queen, Piku or Mary Kom I would never been able to. At that time, it was easy to hide behind the hero and do glamorous, fluffy roles. Yet at the same time, every single film I have done, made me a lot better.”

She adds, “There was always an improvement and learning experience — something I always took back with me from every film. I never had formal training in acting nor do I come from a filmi background, so I needed to develop it on my own and train myself. I don’t know how other actresses pick it up so fast. But now, I have decided I am actually going to demand more for myself and enjoy doing stronger and more offbeat roles.”