Behind The Scenes! What happened when Shah Rukh Khan and his Fan...

Behind The Scenes! What happened when Shah Rukh Khan and his Fan co-star Waluscha De Souza first started shooting?


Shah Rukh Khan is famous around girls for his chivalry and awesomeness. While plenty of them might be quite intimidated by his atmosphere, his best tries to ensure they feel at their ease. That is not a huge surprise, do not you believe?

Shah Rukh has consistently had a heart that is poor , and it has gained hearts single handedly thanks to his witty and charming nature. Consider Deepika and Anushka . They appear where they may be now and both began with SRK!

Anushka is place in her Bollywood career and dP has flown off for her introduction , and it has taken production up! So clearly we are able to absolutely say that Mahira Khan’s future and Waluscha De Souza looks really bright!

Actress turned, Waluscha will soon be observed in Buff along with Shah Rukh. But when interviewing using a top tabloid, Waluscha disclosed it was like when she began shooting for Buff. Fumble as numerous times as you need because that is the sole means to learn.” Wow, understanding Mr. Khan, this undoubtedly looks likely.

When asked about the way that it was like to work together with the star, she said, “He Is so serene and dedicated, once he is on the sets, it is simply the picture, everything else takes a backseat.”Aww! That’s really sweet! Well, Waluscha, we expect we really get to find out your first look in the movie shortly! Can not wait. Tell us!