BETTER TO BE WITHOUT SHIRT! Is this how HOT Aditya Roy Kapur...

BETTER TO BE WITHOUT SHIRT! Is this how HOT Aditya Roy Kapur will look in Fitoor?


He perhaps away from the limelight but Aditya Roy Kapur sure knows how to make heads turn. This time around the actor has gotten down and dirty sweating it out in the fitness center to attain a nicely carved body.

It’s not possible to take your eyes off the low fitting jeans and also the nicely carved abs that hangs in precise way. Aditya’s new avatar for Fitoor also starring Katrina Kaif gives major gymming inspiration to you.

The celebrity has taken a different course to showcase a well-toned physique in his next. He has selected for body sculpting.

“Aditya has always had an athletic physique, but for ‘Fitoor’, that stars Katrina Kaif, he chose to take up body sculpting to develop an entirely different look from what continues to be seen of him before,” says a source.

“What I love, as an actor, is the endeavour to adapt yourself to the character that you are playing. Should you alter the way you look then you change how you feel also I figure. The process was gruelling, but it taught me a lot about myself, shared Aditya, who looks pleased with his new effort.

Core conditioning or body sculpting is a non-aerobic, muscle-toning regimen that typically focuses on the core strength of one.

Fitoor stars Aditya Roy Kapur and Katrina Kaif opposite each other for the initial time.