BHABI TO BE!! Salman Khan has finally made up his mind about...

BHABI TO BE!! Salman Khan has finally made up his mind about marrying Iulia Vantur


That is a question that maybe even the smartest of astrologers might not be able to answer. The nation wants to know will Salman Khan marry his Romanian girlfriend Iulia Vantur in 2016? Is there any truth to the rumours of his December wedding? Is Iulia being labeled as Mrs Khan? Well, the answer to all these questions is a resounding NO!

This indicates that every time Salman sees a report of his wedding or picks up a paper he chuckles in amusement. A source close to the performer tells us that he’s certainly amused and also a bit perplexed on this particular abrupt barrage of news items encircling his union.

Our source says, “Iulia is not from India. She’s still taking her time to get used to all this attention on her. Initially she would get irritated and angry on all the news stories surrounding her and Salman. But she has finally made her peace with it. She has realised that this is the price she will have to pay for being close to Salman.”

It seems that the fact that Salman is taking Iulia everywhere with her (Tubelight schedule, trips abroad, all his family events) just would go to show that he is serious about her. “Iulia is someone special and he’s definitely investing a lot in this relationship. They both are taking baby steps and being careful as to not let this fizzle out by making the mistakes they might have made in their previous relationships,” added the source.

Both Iulia and Salman have had a sequence of relationships before and that has simply made them change of not committing this time around. The source also adds that Salman’s friends and family have taken to Iulia and are fond of her. “She is very close to his family and inner circle of friends. Iulia doesn’t take this for granted and is committed to make this work.”

Maybe time will tell whether that love affair will culminate into union or only find yourself being a stage. Our guess is nearly as good as yours! Let us know your views below.