BIG EVENT TODAY! Apple expected to unveil new iPhone 7

BIG EVENT TODAY! Apple expected to unveil new iPhone 7


Wednesday is a big day in the technology world. Where the new iPhone 7 is expected to be revealed Apple is holding its yearly launching event.

The much-heralded device comes as competing Samsung has recalled its main Note 7 over battery dilemmas.

The tech rumour mill continues to be running about gadgetry and possible new iPhone attributes at fever pitch.

Many commentators expect Apple to have ditched the headphone jack, leaving just one port.

That would compel consumers buy for charging those compatible with Apple’s Lightning port which is also used or to use Bluetooth earphones.

However, equipment that is old will not be totally dated, as Apple is anticipated to contain an adapter jack.

Major innovations?

As they’ve lacked important innovations recent updates of the iPhone have struggled to make a very big splash.

The speculation is it will function as the same with the model expected to be revealed in San Francisco on Wednesday. More of the same – only just a little bit better.

Camera quality is expected to be improved and this time round the upgrade might mean a two-lens clicker for some of the bigger versions.

A dual-lens camera can take pictures with two distinct exposures, then join the two images for improved image quality.

Investigation: Dave Lee, North America Technology correspondent

Another year, another iPhone. But then, it’s hardly only been “another year” for Apple, has it?

Since last September, when we saw the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, the world of the tech giant was turned upside down. A war over encryption, a decreasing iPhone, a continuing battle in China and, most recently, the tax bill to end all tax bills.

Distractions, lots of them. And it doesn’t look like the new iPhone is going to deflect much of that focus away.

While we’re used to saying “evolution, not revolution” in the smartphone marketplace, this upgrade is not anticipated to turn many heads nor send customers running to the mobile shop to upgrade.

Expect a lot of rage from individuals who do not want to be ushered into buying wireless cans if, as we expect, the headphone jack is taken from the device.

Have a look at the “old” Apple charger and tell me it doesn’t seem nearly comically enormous. The correct call.

A camera that is better would go down exceptionally well – more photos are shot with iPhones than every other apparatus. But some reported leaks imply only the larger, iPhone size that is less popular will get the new camera technology.

Looking a bit further forward, some are speculating that Apple is holding back this time around saving new attributes for 2017 and what’s going to be the iPhone’s 10th anniversary.

Other changes that are expected would be improved memory, turning the home button into loudspeakers that are better and a touch sensor.

Apple is believed to be sticking meaning there would be an an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Neither is the design presumed to be changing considerably, giving it the same complete look as the current models.

While the new models will be shown to the world at the launch, consumers will have to wait a few weeks before they truly are sent. Pre orders are anticipated to open on Friday.

The time still is critical. Samsung beat Apple by releasing its Galaxy Note 7 last month. The apparatus started selling well and was well received by users and critics alike.

But reports about batteries heating up and igniting some fires prompted Samsung to launch an embarrassing recall last week – just days before its introduction is made by the new iPhone.

While Samsung’s battery problems might tip some would-be buyers toward the iPhone 7, Apple is dependent upon the continuing success of its smartphones as they have become its biggest source of earnings.

And after recent bad marketing ranging from issues around security flaws to tax troubles, the world’s most valuable listed firm hopes the iPhone will be a success.