Big Loss For LIFE! Tony Steward’s Fiancee, 26, Heartbreakingly Dies 2 Months...

Big Loss For LIFE! Tony Steward’s Fiancee, 26, Heartbreakingly Dies 2 Months After Cancer Diagnosis


That is utterly heartbreaking. Unbelievably depressed. Tony Steward’s fiancee, Brittany Burns, 26, is not alive after only two months of fighting with a tough battle.

The magnificent Clemson University graduate’s passing was surprising and sudden, as she’d only just received her ovarian cancer investigation in December.

The Buffalo Bills linebacker supported the news of his stunning fiancee’s death on Feb. 2 with a touching homage place.

The conclusion of 2015 was a wild time for the couple: Tony proposed after over three years of relationship as Brittany had pointed out on Instagram only weeks before, but it occurred exactly the same month Brittany learned of her analysis.

The 26-year old vowed to fight with the disorder hard, and only one week ago, she was confident on her social networking report.

You’ve got the greatest heart I’ve ever seen in my whole life and that I guarantee you that it’ll live on in me, our family and each soul you’ve got touched,” he wrote. “You are the strongest and most loving soul to step foot in this world. You have been my rock, my motivation, my heart, my soulmate, my everything since the day I laid eyes on you. Every single day of your life you have been a fighter and I know this because of the unbelievable family you brought me into. We all honor everything you stand for in life. I will continue to be the person that you always bring out in me. Believe me when I say that I deeply love you with every ounce of everything in me. Love always, your fiance.”