Binoy Gandhi: “I have discussed the idea with Ranbir and he has...

Binoy Gandhi: “I have discussed the idea with Ranbir and he has liked it”


Performer Ranbir Kapoor has been approached to get a light hearted film by his director-pal Binoy Gandhi.

Gandhi, who is making his directorial debut Jee Bhar Ke Jee Le, is working on a script for his childhood buddy.

“I ‘ve discussed the notion with Ranbir and he has liked it. It is a light hearted film where the character of Ranbir believes in spreading happiness.

“Ranbir and I were childhood buddies. The great thing about him is that he’s not changed even a bit after achieving so much success,” he said.

Ask him if he has thought of any female lead romancing Ranbir, he says, “There would not be an intimate angle in the movie but the main character could have a best friend.” Binoy is working on the script and it must be finished by January or February.

“Once I’m done with the picture I’ll narrate the story to Ranbir. I’m hopeful he’ll like it,” he added.

Binoy is found the daughter Nidhi with Jee Bhar Ke Jee Le of filmmaker JP Dutta. “We are working on the post production of the picture. The very first appearance of the picture would be out by mid December.