BLACK & HISPANIC HIRES! Apple’s US diversity barely improved last year

BLACK & HISPANIC HIRES! Apple’s US diversity barely improved last year


The report, released on the weekend, reveals that 30 percent of Apple’s US workers are women, compared to 29 percent in its previous report.

In August, CEO Tim Cook stated that Apple hired 11,000 girls between 2014 and 2015, indicating a 65 percent increase over the preceding year. In america, Cook said Apple added more than 2,200 black workers, which contradicts the amounts in its national filing. hispanic employees and 2,700 In accordance with the EEO 1, the business added only 1,475 black workers. hispanic and 1,633 An Apple representative didn’t immediately react to your request for opinion.

On its diversity page, Apple makes clear the EEO-1 report is “not how we measure our improvement. The EEO1 hasn’t kept pace with the American work force in the last half century or changes in business.

We consider the advice we report elsewhere on this particular website is a a lot more precise reflection of our advancement toward diversity.

The EEO-1 report could be an imperfect metric, but it will allow for comparisons of US work forces across firms. Our evaluation of this past year’s EEO1 filings from major technology firms revealed that Apple employed a higher percentage of Latinos and hispanics in the US than other top technology businesses, while Twitter and Facebook had the greatest percent of women in leadership functions. The board pointed to its on-going attempts to boost its own sponsorship of the Grace Hopper conference for girls in technology, an application providing you with 114 underserved US schools with Apple goods, and diversity, including a scholarship program for black students.