Blind Long Snapper Exercises With USC Trojans

Blind Long Snapper Exercises With USC Trojans


A long snapper that was blind stepped onto the training field together with the USC Trojans Tuesday.

In 2010, former USC head coach Pete Carroll encouraged a 12-year old Olson to look at his Trojans play for the final time before getting a life-altering surgery.

Six years after, Olson has the opportunity to eventually become a rostered member of the team he that brought comfort in the most difficult times to him.

The 6-foot-4, 194- his physical cleared, and has become eligible to join the Trojans as a person.

Olson took to twitter to express his excitement:

“Tomorrow I walk out onto Howard Jones field not as a fan or honorary member, but as a player for the USC Trojans!”

Olson’s roll status remains uncertain, but USC Trojans head coach Steve Sarkisian said he totally excepts the long snapper that is youthful to view game-time.