BOLD STATEMENT! Priyanka Chopra: Why a woman, even if a man was...

BOLD STATEMENT! Priyanka Chopra: Why a woman, even if a man was being hit, I would try and stop it!


After she pulled him up for speaking on the telephone while driving in a busy junction, went viral lately, a video of a former Shiv Sena functionary attacking a female traffic constable. Passersby and motorists stood mute as he rained punches and smacked. An attentive promoter took the accused and intervened.

‘I abhor violence’

Priyanka Chopra, who plays with a policeman — It is not more or less girl or guy. I am aware I’m frequently heard saying ‘I ‘ll beat the sh*% out of you’, if I’m worried (laughs), I’m against violence and that I believe it ought to be discontinued constantly.

Do not attempt it!

The performer that is tough includes that if anybody attempts to misbehave on a physical level with her, she will not hold back. “I do not believe anybody should physically attempt to misbehave with me. I will be frightening and that I wear quite sharp, pointed high heel so I could simply jab the man with them (laughs). On a serious note, I ‘m somebody who does not take sh*t from anybody. Young people should stand up for themselves and possess the assurance to be aware of the things they’re worth.”

Strong, however female

The performer believes that her onscreen character Abha is a much better man than her. “She is this kind of great girl, possesses courage standing alone in a male dominated world. I really like Abha for what she symbolizes — the truth. There’s an incredibly female side to her despite really being a tough policeman. Typically female policemen on screen will not be graceful, but Prakash Jha and I imbued Abha with tehzeeb, adaah and elegance.

Here, there…

Priyanka is missing JG’s release in India and is shooting for the Baywatch film in California. “I am nervous and excited in the exact same time… I haven’t had the experience of viewing the movie. Of creating a movie, the top element is sharing it with your audience. But now, Hindi films possess a world-wide attractiveness and one gets so much love and support sitting in just about any area of the entire world, it is astonishing.”