Breaking News: More explosions target tourist towns in Thailand blasts

Breaking News: More explosions target tourist towns in Thailand blasts


A series of coordinated blasts across Thailand has targeted tourist towns leaving many injured and four dead .
Over the last 24 hours four bombs burst in the popular resort town of Hua Hin. Several blasts also strike on the island of Phuket.

As Friday is a holiday the time is sensitive.

Blasts in images across Thailand

The attackers seem to be focusing on places where tourism is not insignificant and reports of irregular blasts are coming in. Up to now the places contain:

Two blasts in Surat Thani where one man has expired

Two blasts on Phuket island in the tourist beach town of Patong

One blast in where one man has expired Trang

Blasts of Phang Nga in the shore state

Phang Nga, in addition to both areas are known because of their picturesque shores. Surat Thani found two explosions in front of police stations half an hour apart.

Who could be behind the assaults?

Have tourist hotspots been targeted?

The strikes have certainly tried to strike at the vital tourism sector of Thailand. The Hua Hin explosions on Thursday night hit a pub area popular with foreigners and tourists were among those injured.

But the selection of Hua Hin as an important goal can also be emblematic, our correspondent says, being known as the king’s favoured residence outside Bangkok and a royal city. The blasts and an important public holiday which celebrates the queen’s birthday coincide.

Has Thailand viewed similar assaults?

Little improvised bomb strikes have often been used at times of political unrest in Thailand, but such strikes happen to be exceptionally uncommon since the military took power in coup.

“We must not make people panic more.”

This comes only days before the one-year anniversary of the bomb blast.

Thais voted in a referendum which approved a new constitution that can reinforce the influence of the military in politics for a long time.