BREAKING! Salman Khan’s girlfriend Iulia Vantur marriage pic with Marius Moga –...

BREAKING! Salman Khan’s girlfriend Iulia Vantur marriage pic with Marius Moga – REAL or FAKE?


Salman Khan’s union to Iulia Vantur has become the hot topic of discussion. Iulia who has refrained from remarking on her relationship with afterward the or Salman rumours around her first union. However, everyone was just a little surprised when Miss Vantur chose to social media to warrant that she’s never been married and has not plans of getting hitched anytime soon. Iulia wrote on her Instagram page, “I didn’t feel the need to react to any rumors… But now I think I should state clearly that I was never married and I am in no hurry to wear my wedding dress. God bless us all!”

However, ever since Salman’s life was entered by Iulia in 2011 there has been enough buzz. The Sultan performer’s buffs are’t very pleased with a picture of Iulia in a wedding gown with her ex Marius Moga went viral on the internet recently and their favourite hero’s option it seems. Needless to say there was buzz about Iulia and Marius right in the time she was seen with Salman on Kick (then titled Mental) sets. In 2013 when Salman was accompanied by Iulia to movie for Kick reports of her first marriage began doing rounds. There were also reports of how Salman was upset with these stories. The superstar felt it was unjust to dig out individuals’s past and felt it was not respectful especially when it’s a woman in question. The actor who takes on controversies and personal questions cooly appeared to have been really pissed and the Kick team had to bear with the repercussions of these reports.

Buzz suggests that Iulia was married to her Grammy nominated Romanian star beau Marius for four years and parted ways after the latter cheated on her with another woman. Vantur and Salman in Romania met with while filming for Ek Tha Tiger, nevertheless it was only in 2012-2013 the pair got close.

While there’s no denying that Iulia was involved with Moga and might have even had a roaring affair, coz the couple have considerable of graphics that show that they were in a relationship. Nonetheless, this one picture is not enough evidence that she was indeed married. Could also be a right that is photoshoot? Whatever the case seems like Salmaniulia union enigma is becoming more intensified with this first marriage angle now, is’t it? Watch this space for more hot goss!