BREAKING: Sanjay Gupta’s Next Starring Hrithik Roshan Sued for Copyright Infringement

BREAKING: Sanjay Gupta’s Next Starring Hrithik Roshan Sued for Copyright Infringement


The film was to be first made sometime later. Then it was decided that it would take off in February and be completed over a four-month schedule, but now all that looks like a distant dream.

The performer asserts this love story-cum-revenge play is his own narrative, and he desired to make it beneath the banner of Uncooked Stock Creation Pvt. Ltd. when Sanjay Gupta consented to come on board as director and co-producer.

Hrithik Roshan was on top of the wishlist, and, he needed his father Rakesh Roshan to hear it when he enjoyed the script. When it was heard by the senior Roshan, he made it clear the issue will be presented and generated solely by his banner Filmkraft Productions if they needed his son.

After this, Gupta and Rakesh Roshan supposedly quit taking Pandey’s calls, so the performer-writer filed a complaint together with the Indian Film and Television Producers’ Council asserting copyright, intellectual and only ownership of the script.

Says Pandey, “Sanjay is being unreasonable. I am going to fight this case to the ending.” Pandey had played in Gupta’s movie “Dus Kahaniyan.”

After comparing both scripts while biggies Gupta and Rakesh Roshan are asserting that what they’re going to make is something entirely different, as per a notice sent by Pandey’s advice, the IFTPC will take a final call.

And there’s an extremely intriguing twist to the story: In 1953, Rakesh Roshan’s father in law and Hrithik Roshan’s grandpa, J. Om Prakash, afterwards to become a big name, had made a movie called “Farmaish” that was a catastrophe despite starring top hero Bharat Bhushan. To date, the producer never accepts openly that he’d made any movie before the 1961 “Aas Ka Panchhi” that was a success!

The name “Farma(y)ish” as well as the family really are star-crossed!