BREAKING: Vile paedo gang caged for 107 years for raping babies and...

BREAKING: Vile paedo gang caged for 107 years for raping babies and toddlers


A DEPRAVED paedo gang who travelled over the UK to rape infants and toddlers has been jailed for 107 years.

The sick gang of seven guys raped kids and infants – and streamed their attacks online to other sex abusers worldwide.

They were labeled “beyong human instinct and evil” from the judge who passed sentence.

In one horrifying instance, they groomed dad and a mum before their baby was even born, and commonly fed on parents to gain access to their tots.

They travelled hundreds of miles to the other side of the united kingdom to carry sickening assaults out between 2014 and 2013.

 Vile paedo gang

They also gave each other advice and guidance over the web.

Judge Julian Lambert said: “In the worst nightmare, from the very deepest recesses of the mind, in the darkest hour of the night, few can have envisioned the terrifying depravity which you guys acknowledge.

“What you contemplated and what you did affected the most horrendous mistreatment of a baby and incredibly young children.”

“Your thoughts and deeds are beyond human instinct and reason, and so are bad beyond rational understanding.”

The gang, aged between 31 and 51, comprised three convicted sex offenders, and they were convicted of 29 child sex abuse offences, including the multiple rape of a child and conspiracy to rape.

Additionally they used on-line streaming to give advice to each other on “date rape” drugs to drowse their sufferers.

They were sentenced today at Bristol Crown Court.

31, Robin Hollyson, from Bedfordshire, was jailed for 24 years, and must serve another eight on licence.
Christopher Knight, 35, from Manchester, was caged for 18 years, with six on licence, while 33, Adam Toms, from Somerset, will spend indoors, and four more on licence.

Judge Lambert included: “You men indulged yourselves in some of the very depraved and grossly deviant behavior possible. The depth to is astounding and exceptionally shocking to any or all decent people.

“What you did is contrary to all nature and mankind and you each appear to have a chilling tendency to centre the entire world on yourselves and your depraved want without regard for the innocent and vulnerable.”

“Your actions is of deep concern to the general public and people are outraged at that which you’ve got done. What you did provokes tears and makes others feel physically ill.
That is no case for treatment and rehabilitation outside prison.”