Breakup Positions! 1st Ranbir kapoor and Katrina Kaif, 2nd Justin Bieber and...

Breakup Positions! 1st Ranbir kapoor and Katrina Kaif, 2nd Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, 3rd Virat and Anushka


After the heartbreaking news of tinsel town’s favourite couple breaking apart spread like wildfire, we began to wonder if they would ever make an official announcement about the same. Neither of the two came out in the open but they left loose strands of their plight here and there whenever they appeared on any public event.

Katrina Kaif bravely faced all the hard hitting questions thrown at her as her ongoing promotions for her film Fitoor made her more vulnerable to the banter of the media while Ranbir on the other side went to Barcelona to watch a football match. That way he was hidden from all the news doing rounds about his breakup with long time girlfriend Katrina. A picture of Ranbir posing next to Arjun Kapoor went viral and made us wonder of what is Ranbir doing in an entirely different continent.


Speaking out about her 2015 split with Bieber in a new interview with LOOK magazine, Selena admitted that she felt the intense interest and constant media presence that focused on their break-up was both “unfair” and “painful.”

“I thought the public perception of me was so wrong and that so much that was being said about me was unfair and painful,” Gomez confessed in the new interview, where Selena also got candid about her and Bieber’s dramatic break-up.

“Even when there are a million reasons to end something, there will be times when you can’t help it,” Selena told LOOK of her and Justin’s big split, “You will go through times that are painful and you’re going to make mistakes.”

But while Selena is getting candid about the drama that surrounded her break-up from Bieber, Gomez also admitted to the magazine that she’s not letting her past mistakes define her future.


Their break-up brought shock waves among their fans and most of them couldn’t believe that they had parted ways. Yes, we are talking about the most adorable couple Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma. We were almost coming to terms with it when Virat’s gesture for his then ex-girlfriend touched us and sent out a glimmer of hope. We are talking Virat’s lash out at his fans for trolling Anushka Sharma and blaming her for his set backs in his career. Whether it was Virat’s support towards Anushka or just a change of mind, we will never know but a few days after that, the couple was clicked leaving together from a popular eatery. They then headed to Salman Khan‘s house later for a party.