Album has received over one million likes on Facebook-Bride’s father halts wedding,...

Album has received over one million likes on Facebook-Bride’s father halts wedding, step father also walk down the aisle


Todd Bachman — whose daughter Brittany Peck got married in Ohio last weekend — has redefined the meaning of fatherhood.


Bachman made sure his daughter’s stepfather got recognised in the wedding because he’d also played a role in raising her. And what might have already been better than walking Brittany.

Everyone moved with his gesture that was totally surprising when the procession stopped, ran to the leading row where Todd Cendrosky (Brittany’s stepfather) was seated and caught him from his seat to make him share the honour.

This heart-touching second was clicked by Ohio-based wedding photographer Delia D Blackburn and her record has got over one million enjoys on Facebook.

“The bride was in tears and beat with emotion,” the photographer included.

In a interview with news station WKYC TV, Cendrosky said he was completely surprised by Bachman’s type gesture.

“[He] came and caught my hand and said: ‘the photographer worked as difficult as I’ve.

Nothing better in my entire life, the most impactful minute within my entire life,” he added.

In an identical interview, Bachman said there was just one method to demonstrate Cendrosky how much he and he was valued by Brittany.

“For Bachman to thank him for each of the years of helping raise our daughter would not be enough,” he said.

“There is not any better solution to thank somebody than to help Bachman walking his daughter down the aisle,” he added.