British Colonial Co: Crisis in Australia over theme restaurant

British Colonial Co: Crisis in Australia over theme restaurant


A British Empire theme restaurant in Australia continues to be accused of racism and romanticising the colonial age.

It has withdrawn marketing material which said the restaurant had been “inspired by the empirical push into the developing cultures of the world”.

The restaurant has said it’s “saddened” by the media reports.

“We are very proud of our brand, dining experience and the loyal clientele we have established,” it said in a statement.

“We are therefore upset and saddened by today’s media reports that our brand is causing offence and distress to some members of the community. This certainly was not our intention.”


Opinions on social media this week criticised the marketing content of the eatery for discounting the damaging impact of the British Empire on Australia and other countries.

“The dilemma is that they romanticized colonization free of respect to the fact that generation considerably suffered in Australia because of it,” said one user on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

“Are they trying to pull racist clientele?”

Others online didn’t believe the eatery’s name and decor were that offensive.

The attention has seemed to have affect on the venue.

The tagline of the eatery originally read:

That tagline reads: “A refined and modern dining experience with the venture of east meets west in a plantation style, club setting.”