Buzzz Father Shah Rukh Khan is overly sweet to AbRam Khan, Feels...

Buzzz Father Shah Rukh Khan is overly sweet to AbRam Khan, Feels Aryan Khan & Suhana Khan


Shahrukh Khan loves them and is extremely close to all his kids. In a current interview, the doting dad shown that at times Aryan and Suhana believes he is overly sweet to AbRam.

When asked, ”Are you bringing up AbRam differently from how Aryan and Suhaana were?”, Shahrukh Khan told New Indian Express, ” Exactly the same way, there is no difference. When my other two kids tell me ‘Papa you are too sweet to him,’ I say ‘How do you know I wasn’t sweet to you? When you were this age, I was like this with you too.’ I am not a strict father.”

They get frightened when my car is surrounded by people, and my daughter would begin shouting.

Shahrukh Khan further added, ”The only difference is that AbRam comes out more often with me because my other two kids were both shy. My son (Aryan) had car sickness so only once in a while would he come to my shooting. They get scared when people surround my car, and my daughter would start crying.

Also, it was not so convenient those days– there were no good vanity vans and the studios were bad — so we would avoid. ”AbRam comes out more often with me he is a friendly child and does not get scared of the crowd … he is not shy. Maybe once he grows older and realises that I am an actor, he too may feel awkward like the other two,” the Dilwale actor revealed.

In the same interview, Shahrukh Khan also talked about casting Kajol in Dilwale, ”We cast Kajol because we had not done any film together in the last five years (since My Name Is Khan, 2010).”