Buzzzzzz! Priyanka Chopra FINALLY breaks her silence on being in a relationship,...

Buzzzzzz! Priyanka Chopra FINALLY breaks her silence on being in a relationship, her worst heartache and marriage like never before!


None of us have had the opportunity to crack the love life of Priyanka Chopra although there happen to be several linkup doing the rounds. I heard he’s self-conscious of the media also. Media timid man can go hop!

If I’m ever with someone, please understand that, I am going to be with a showman.” Yes!

“Who says I do not have a partner? Because I will be travelling, I mightn’t be with him. All my life I’ve never remarked on the fact whether I ‘m in a connection or not.”

I’ve an individual life. I do not enjoy talking about it. I’m not public about it. I have never flaunted my relationships, I’ve shielded them. In my opinion in buri nazar. So if something is not unimportant to you personally, ensure it remains close to your heart.

#On breakup…

Heartache is a bitch guy. You must isolate yourself in the other individual whether they have not been good for you or you have not been good to them. You start with all the matters that are small. ‘I need sleep, I want a novel that is good. I have to be with buddies’. You must begin thinking about yourself. My heartaches have not been good. There isn’t any great solution to stop a relationship.”

#On being cheated on, if at all…

Infideltiy in relationships should not ever be accepted. Union kya hai? Have the balls to admit to your own partner rather than continuing to cheat on her, when you give your heart to somebody. If I wished to be with another person I ‘d. Because then you might be stripping them. That’s the reason Kashi was not unimportant to me. It is your cowardice. Do not be a coward. Walk up and admit. Give them the respect as you’ve been with that man whatever it might be been in a connection. This is judgemental about infidelity and the reason I ‘m completely against and lying.

I’ve always desired infants. Bunches of these. For the reason I would like to get married, It is unfair to bring a kid without union to the world. I would like to get married until I am actually claimed by someone, but I can not be claimed by any one. It WOn’t be for diamonds when a man comes into my life. When I’m in love a man is going to be in my life. I do not want a man for anything else except for kids.”