‘Calendar Girls’ will be up in Indian cinemas on September 25

‘Calendar Girls’ will be up in Indian cinemas on September 25


A calendar girl from Lahore and protests in the trailer raise concerns about anti-Pakistan elements in the film.

After the prohibition on the movie Phantom, it appears that another Bollywood movie, Calendar Girls might not release in Pakistan due to its potentially anti-Pakistan content.

But, the director Madhur Bhandarkar has stressed the film distributors before passing any judgment or verdict to look at the movie. The movie addresses problems confronted by models who pose for calendar pages, that’s, ‘calendar girls’.

Some areas of the preview have lifted eyebrows, including scenes where protesters are revealed carrying placards ‘Pakis go home’ and ‘Bollywood boycott Pakistani performers’ or one where a calendar girl named Nazneen Tariq from Lahore (played through an Indian celebrity) says, “Pakistani girls are as daring as other girls, at times more compared to remainder.”

Bhandarkar, nevertheless, insists that Pakistani thoughts is not going to damage:

We are told #CalendarGirls is facing problems for a release in Pakistan because of a dialogue the local distributors saw in the trailer…

As somebody who’s always tackled hard-hitting subjects sensitively, I earnestly request all distributors in Pak to kindly watch the film…

I assure one & all that #CalendarGirls is NOT anti-Pak & WON’T hurt any sentiments. Sincerely pray Censor there watches & gives a go-ahead.