‘Can you hear me now?’ Snowden joins Twitter, follows NSA

‘Can you hear me now?’ Snowden joins Twitter, follows NSA


NEW YORK: Edward Snowden, that has confounded US officials since his sudden departure in the united states a couple of years ago, has only found a brand new megaphone in Twitter.

Tweeting Tuesday the former National Security Agency worker who leaked classified records about government surveillance began.

The message, a takeoff on a cell phone supplier television advertisement, was retweeted 25,000 times within an hour. Now I work for the people.”

He brought more than had 740,000 by Tuesday evening .

Only one report: tweets in the National Security Agency is being followed by Snowden.

The counts were from a sample that is representative.

As with other high profile individuals on the messaging service, the report of Snowden has a white and blue check mark, signifying that Twitter verifyed it.

The NSA failed to react to your request for opinion.

Snowden traded tweets with outstanding astrophysicist and radio talk show host Neil deGrasse Tyson, who’d motivated Twitter to attempt during an interview on his show.

Tyson inquired how he felt about being considered a traitor along with a hero, noticing that “you are a geek to me.” Snowden replied he was “only a citizen having a voice.”

Snowden is now living in exile in Russia. He faces charges in the US that may land him.

Twitter has hosted groups and other contentious figures. Whistleblower web site WikiLeaks has a verified.

Twitter report, as does the creator of prohibited download site Megaupload, Kim Dotcom.