Cancer diagnosis Application introduced by IAEA

Cancer diagnosis Application introduced by IAEA


Identifying cancer’s stage immediately and accurately will become easier for health care professionals in developing countries -developed smartphone program launched today (Wednesday), the bureau reported.

Cancer that is staging is a complex process, involving the integration of a wide range of tests’ outcomes.

Predicated on this diagnosis, doctors decide on whether operation, radiotherapy, chemotherapy or any other type of treatment is most suitable.

Usually expressed in phases ranging from one to four -phases, the cancer staging system eases in the development of a treatment strategy and offers a common language for physicians.

There is a complex system to discover every one of these variables particularly when the main tumour and its spread are evaluated in the entire body.

The program will soon be operational offline as well, so doctors will have the ability to use it without internet access in distant places, he included.

While physicians in developed nations have had access for many years to at times computerized staging tools and handbooks, health care professionals in many developing countries have until now needed to resort to the handbook.

The IAEA gives to improved cancer management world wide by assisting Member States in devising comprehensive cancer control programmes, executing radiation oncology, nuclear medicine and radiology facilities, together with training and instruction .

Priceless info on the degree of cancer spread may be obtained through nuclear medicine and radiographic imaging like PET/CT scans.

Knowledge of the stage of cancer derived based on these sorts of results afterward allows physicians to formulate the proper strategy of treatment.

The new staging program is an expression of using technology to ease the dissemination of information to support cancer direction world wide, said May Abdel Wahab, Director of the IAEA’s Division of Human Health, including that access to radiation medicine for early discovery, investigation and treatment is an integral measure towards cancer management, an area where the IAEA plays a pivotal part.

The app was developed by IAEA in collaboration with the Tata Memorial Centre under the Government of India’s Department of Atomic Energy and supported by the IAEA Technical Cooperation/Regional Cooperative Arrangement job ‘Improving Cancer Management Through Strengthening the Computed Tomography Cancer Staging Process.’