CAT-FIGHT ALERT! ‘Hunger Games’ Star Jennifer Lawrence Gives ‘Full Approval’ To Amy...

CAT-FIGHT ALERT! ‘Hunger Games’ Star Jennifer Lawrence Gives ‘Full Approval’ To Amy Schumer’s Boyfriend


Best friends Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence have struck successes that were distinct in regards for their romantic pursuits. “I also composed a film I starred in. I am actually proud of this, I worked on firearm violence, but yeah, someone has consented to have sex with me.

“Schumer also proposed that she loves to maintain her private life from the public eye, but she actually finds it difficult to conceal the happiness she’s found in Hanisch.”You know, I Have had the opportunity to maintain my other small relationships under wraps,” Amy explained.

“But yeah, we are happy.”As for his or her forthcoming humor collectively, Lawrence dished out that Schumer will impersonate an effective flight attendant while she plays her “wreck” of a sister. The script is going along nicely because “we both have very similar senses of humor,” included Lawrence.

“Clearly (we) are not scared, which is a great and bad thing, because I do not understand what our film will be rated. And we are both quite frank,” she clarified. “So we have gotten through a very strenuous procedure without ever fighting, because we are both quite clear-cut.”