CAUGHT! Justin Bieber With Selena Gomez Look-Alike Weeks After Kissing Hailey Baldwin

CAUGHT! Justin Bieber With Selena Gomez Look-Alike Weeks After Kissing Hailey Baldwin


Missing Selena Gomez are Justin, we? Just weeks after flaunting his new love affair with Hailey Baldwin, the vocalist was seen stepping out using a fresh mystery brunette, who we could not help but notice seems an awful lot like his well-known ex-husband.

Well, that was fast! It was only two weeks past that 21, Justin Bieber, was seen making out with his on again off again fling Hailey Baldwin, 19, and today it seems like he may have a brand new love interest in his life.

Look away! On Jan. 21, Justin was seen getting quite close to a mystery girl while out and about in Beverly Hills, Calf [CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PICS]. The two were seen chatting and joking around as they wandered side by side, using the unknown girl remaining quite near the pop star, before heading into his resort together.

What is a lot more fascinating however, is simply how much the hot brunette reminds us of Selena!Though not always a dead ringer, the mystery girl does bear a striking similarity to the “Hands To My Myself” vocalist. For starters, they are both drop dead stunning brunettes with some seriously hot design. In the end, it was only two weeks ago the model was seen making out with Justin about the pair’s intimate New Year’s Eve holiday.

At that time, it appeared that the two were finally able to make things official after being close pals as well as hook up pals for a long time. And yet unfortunately, that no longer seems to function as the case, as a source maintains that Justin has refused to give to Hailey ahead of his forthcoming world tour.”Being single on tour is one thing Justin actually desires to occur,” an insider told.

“He does not need to be tied down so he can appreciate the advantages of what a tour can normally bring. Sorry Selena (and Selena lookalikes), but that means you also.