CBS reports from all over the world

CBS reports from all over the world


CBS News reported yesterday that Tunisia’s prime minister said, no formal links to a particular terrorist group at the incident and one of the two gunmen who killed 19 tourists and others at a prominent Tunisian museum was known to intelligence services.

The gunman who killed one person and wounded five others yesterday was with several face and neck tattoos, including the word “skinhead” where his eyebrows normally would be as a mug shot from the Arizona Department of Corrections shows him.

CBS News correspondent Wyatt Andrews reports the incident is aggravating racial tensions on campus, where there was a video shows an underage black student beaten and bloody outside a bar. The student has been arrested at the University of Virginia spurred an independent investigation and outrage.

CBS News correspondent Jericka Duncan reports that, baristas nationwide began serving coffee with the words “race together” on cups, and critics ridiculed the effort on social media this week while Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is standing behind his company’s campaign to spark conversations about race. he effort on social media. Schultz told “CBS This Morning” he fully expected a backlash because talking about race is difficult. Schultz told CBS yesterday Morning

Civil rights group’s president and CEO, Marc Morial, told CBS News after the deaths of unarmed black men and teenagers at the hands of police, that Black America is in crisis, a jobs crisis, an education crisis and a justice crisis.