Celebrities and their unexpected “Best-buddies”

Celebrities and their unexpected “Best-buddies”

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift have an incredible bond of camaraderie that they shared right from the start of the career.

Who does not want a best friend whether its minute of happiness to someone or share shoulder to lean on in time that is terrible.

Here’s the list of some star Have a look, best friends!


Fawad Khan and the camaraderie of Ahmed Ali Butt needs no introduction. They’ve been buddies from a lengthy time. Both have done a lot of and music jobs collectively.


Jacqueline and Sonam are self confessed BFFs and are seen socializing and partying at many occasions hand in hand. In a recent occasion, Sonam helped a wardrobe malfunction is dodged by Jacqueline also.


These two have been friends right from the start of their career.


Everybody understands that Amrita and Bebo are childhood buddies! Kareena played with the bridesmaid in 2009 for the wedding of Amrita as well as the two in many cases are seen bonding over lunches and shopping.


Arjun Kapoor’s camaraderie and Ranveer Singh speaks for itself. They have been extremely encouraging towards each other and hangout.


Sarwat Gillani, these two awesome females and Sanam Saeed have been together considering that the beginning of the career, for an extremely very long time.