Charismatic Katrina Kaif Birthday Special: Girl, here are five hotties you could...

Charismatic Katrina Kaif Birthday Special: Girl, here are five hotties you could DATE right away


Katrina Kaif is certainly among the most magnetic attractiveness of B Town. All her co stars have been floored by her good looks to Aditya Roy Kapur, Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar. The best part is the diva that is HOT is single. As 33 turns, Bollywood Life handpicks five hot guys from across the world who could be perfect for Kat. Our collection is among the finest and Katrina should definitely give a notion to these guys.

Nick Bateman (Model)

He’s Kat, my personal favourite! I am talking about just look at him he’s HOT AF. Nick has 5.2 million followers on Instagram. Any lady, who looks for the first time at him, merely cannot stop swooning over him. Only picture HOT Bateman and Ms Kaif would appear together. The mere thought is utterly delectable.

Jake Gyllenhaal (Hollywood star)

Jake is among the most popular Hollywood stars. Gyllenhaal makes women drool and only drool. Certainly, they are going to make a wonderful pair. When asked about relationship Jake had quipped There are lots of girls that are wonderful, and there are chances. But at exactly the same time, if you locate the perfect man … I believe in when you meet with somebody who’s correct, it’ll be correct, and you’ll remain there”. Well, he looks like an endless intimate.

Olivier Giroud

He’s French, he’s not cold and he’s a footballer. Olivier plays for the French National team and the English club Arsenal. He could be a tiger on the earth when he’s there and he is completely relied on by his team. We found that Giroud is among the self-conscious men who keeps him low profile. There’s scarcely anything about him. Katrina overly prefers to avoid the media. Don’t you believe they are going to make an excellent pair? What say?

P.S. Katrina!

Sushant Singh Rajput (Actor)

Additionally, its pinnacle is reaching with forthcoming movies like MS and Raabta Dhoni. Well, Katrina doesn’t need to look too much when we’ve this kind of charmer in tinsel town. Amirite?

Prabhas (South superstar)

Shivudu/ wet mane and Baahubali’s fatal biceps made many girls gasp in the theaters. In Bollywood, he’s popular after the success of Baahubali also. He’d admitted that he could be intending to get married shortly. So, Kat if you enjoy a guy who’s super-healthy, a star yet completely poor, Prabhas might only be your Prince Charming.

Well, Bollywoodlifers do let’s whom do you locate PERFECT for our Chikini Chameli. Post in your remarks at the moment!