Check out why Kareena Kapoor Khan needs to take a chill pill!

Check out why Kareena Kapoor Khan needs to take a chill pill!


For taking interest in such an important event of her life where she was clearly upset with us we are a bit perplexed with Bebo’s reaction on her pregnancy news. Several days back we got a hold of Kareena Kapoor Khan making a statement and slamming media for showering unwanted focus on her pregnancy. And what maternity break? It’s the most normal thing on world to produce a kid. Is finally time the media back away, and quit treating me any different than I ever was.”

What I fail to understand is Bebo is becoming so upset with the whole dilemma. Getting pregnant is such a wonderful thing and comparing the scenario to national fatal accident or a corpse is so not right. Earlier too there were cases and no one gave this kind of reaction. Not only her sister, the entire Kapoor family has never responded to any incident so vaguely and blasted media for no real motive.

This type of shocking reaction from Kareena Kapoor has definitely made me stunned since she has been a darling for the press. Kareena would be next starring in Veere De Wedding alongside Sonam Kapoor and this really is undoubtedly a a movie that is much awaited. When her maternity leave was quizzed about by someone she got furious. She stated that “Anybody who’s troubled shouldn’t work with me… but my work continues as is, like always. Cease making it a national casualty. We are in the 1800s, not in 2016. Probably at that time, folks were way more civilized and ordinary than the way the media is acting and theorizing now,”

Bebo, you definitely have to calm down and appreciate this wonderful interval of your life. Bebo’s reaction makes us wonder if that is the side effect of Udta Punjab’s typical performance at the box office.