CHEERS! Jamie Foxx Sports Gold Band On Ring Finger After Katie Holmes...

CHEERS! Jamie Foxx Sports Gold Band On Ring Finger After Katie Holmes Pregnancy Rumors


Well, well is there something you would like to tell us Jamie Foxx? Only hours following a shocking new report asserted that his secret girlfriend Katie Holmes was pregnant, the performer was seen wearing a not-so-subtle gold ring…on THAT finger!

Are Jamie Foxx, 48, 37, and Katie Holmes, willing to take their relationship to another degree already? Less than a day after a shocking new reported maintained the secret couple were expecting a baby daughter collectively, the Djanjo Unchained performer was seen wearing a funny appearing gold ring on such finger. Coincidence?

Could it be possible that Jamie only let an enormous secret from the tote, although they have managed to keep a tight lid on their relationship thus far? The performer was seen wearing a gold band while jetting off to Atlanta on a JetSmarter flight on March 2 — only hours magazine alleged that Katie was pregnant! “The buzz began around Valentine’s Day that she is nearly three months along, which they are having a woman,” a source told the magazine. “Some folks believe she may have even gotten IVF, but nobody knows for sure. However it occurred, there is no doubt they are thrilled about it.”

Actually, it was only last month that Katie herself was seen while attending a red carpet event, rocking a dazzling diamond on her ring finger.

The previous Dawson’s Creek star and the Oscar winner for quite some time have allegedly been dating now, but they have kept their relationship from the public eye. You can not blame them, seeing as though Katie’s relationship with her ex husband Tom Cruise, 53, was REALLY public. Nevertheless, the two continued to spend quite a lot of time together, yet gently that might be, and have introduced every other and their children, based on RadarOnline!

“Corinne was so adorable with Suri, as well as the three of them seemed like they were having lots of interesting together.”While it appears dubious that these two will be getting married, or having a baby together, anytime in quite close future, we for one are simply excited to see them gently appreciating their certainly quite joyful relationship. Obviously, if that needed to hit the red carpet together any of these nights, we wouldn’t mind that either.