Chicago Donald Trump rally: Miley Cyrus, Chris Brown & More Protest How...

Chicago Donald Trump rally: Miley Cyrus, Chris Brown & More Protest How He Incites Violence At Rallies


Stars like Chris Brown Miley Cyrus and others are calling the Republican frontrunner out for supporting the battles, many involving white assistants beating on protesters that are black.

That is simply disgraceful! The clouts we have seen thrown on TV seem otherwise while the nominee has made claims that no one has really gotten hurt at his rallies. Now the nominee is being called out by celebs from Miley Cyrus, 23 26, to Chris Brown for inciting violence! Read on for what they needed to say:

A Miley that was definitely troubled posted an article to her Instagram that reported on Donald believed it was quite proper his supporters to hit on a black protester. She noted  “Donald Trump promoting violence. I don’t have hate in my heart but the closest thing to it I feel for Donald Trump. I usually would try to be more poetic in my politics but I have no other words than I despise the existence of this f**k! Go ahead and be this way in your life but please don’t try to run my country and be my president! This is 1,000,000 steps backwards!”

Chris went a step further by making a video calling for peace. “I’m glad our people are starting to use our voice more.  All I can say is just no violence, man. No violence. Go to these rallies, protest. Vote, speak for what is right. Hey, I’m as upset as everyone else but do the right thing!” Breezy had suggested March 10 that people protesting the rallies go in groups so it would make violence against them more difficult.