Cinderella star is reprising her role as Lady Rose

Cinderella star is reprising her role as Lady Rose


The Cinderella celebrity is reprising her part as Girl Rose the following month, while in the ending which is broadcast. Inside the sixth year of Downton her identity was committed and visiting Newyork.

Talking to Harper’s Bazaar magazine, she revealed how delighted she was to go back for the pair of the exhibit which introduced her career.

John said: “it had been amazing going back after a split. You’re just totally re-inspired by every one of the friends you haven’t seen in so long, that awesome house against gray skies and the surprise of it.

” about being about the exhibit, I have a feeling of success and such satisfied, good memories. I don’t if I’d be resting below if it weren’t for Downton know. It would have all been different.”

The ITV drama’s last episode, which includes run for six conditions since 2010, has been kept a secret that was closely guarded.