CLEVER STATEMENT! Alia on Intolerance: Why Shuld I Crowd the World with...

CLEVER STATEMENT! Alia on Intolerance: Why Shuld I Crowd the World with My Opinions?


Intolerance argument will not die down when they have been requested to comment or give their view relating to this contentious issue, and stars frequently find themselves in a place.

Nevertheless, Alia Bhatt is one celebrity, who despite being conscious of the scenario that is whole, has managed to keep away from this issue.

She said: “I am tuned in about what’s happening, but I find it not important to give my opinion. If asked I will give it, otherwise I will not and I will tell you why. It is such a hyper, opinionated time that I think that the Twitter world is okay with one less opinion. There are too many opinions — some unnecessary, some great, some ridiculously stupid so I think I rather not say anything and keep my opinions to myself. I have an opinion, I know what my thoughts are but I keep them to myself.”

 When probed on what she thinks of the growing intolerance in India today she said, “(Smiles knowingly) Again, I would add to the statement I made — it is a hyper-opinionated time even about these opinions, so I am not doing anybody any harm by giving one less opinion. Why should I crowd the world with my opinions? Live and let live. That’s it. Let people have their own opinions and you just keep yours to yourself.”