COLD WAR! At least one gunman still at Indian Air Force base

COLD WAR! At least one gunman still at Indian Air Force base


Three days on from an assault that killed wounded 22, five attackers and seven military personnel are also wiped out, however an operation was under way to procure the sprawling compound in Punjab that lies 25 kilometers in the border with Pakistan.

The Hindu reported while the fifth terrorist was killed on the 3rd day of a siege, a minumum of one attacker stayed in the complex.

“The reality is the fact that we failed to take Singh’s charge seriously, because his history is not clean,” a second senior officer in the Punjab authorities told Reuters, on condition of anonymity.

The police sources said following a sexual harassment case filed against him, Singh had simply been transferred. Singh, who had been interrogated on Monday for six hours by federal investigators, cannot be reached for comment.

Home Secretary Rajiv Mehrishi has said the precise location of the attackers was just nailed afternoon.

That was at least 12 hours subsequent to the seizure of Singh’s unmarked vehicle, where he was travelling with two other men carrying out a call to some shrine close to the border with Pakistan.

How were they permitted to roam around for 24 hours?”

Civilian and military officials say a security alarm was circulated rapidly enough to keep the assailants from choppers and damaging fighter jets in the base.

However, an insufficient inter-agency co-operation could have hobbled the security answer, with another local police chief calling the air base a “fort” that senior co-workers cannot enter with no written request.