College student ‘killed’ in 1984 found living in Germany

College student ‘killed’ in 1984 found living in Germany


A female who vanished 31 years past in Germany and was enrolled not alive following a guy admitted to her murder, was found two weeks past living in Dusseldorf, the International Business Times reported.


Petra Pazsitka, a 24-year old computer science student, neglected to appear at her brother’s birthday party, setting off a huge police investigation. Pazsitka was living in the time in the German city of Braunschweig in student housing.

Detectives generated help from a favorite German offense show called “Aktenzeichen XY,” and after a suspect in the rape and murder of a 14-year old woman admitted to killing Pazsitka.

Pazsitka’s body was never located, along with the case was closed in 1989.

When authorities arrived and requested ID in the 55-year old girl to finish the report, she made an expired id card to show she was the lost pupil, and shown herself to be Pazsitka, IBTimes reported.